Every athlete has individual needs for their health and healing.
Legacy Chiropratic sports and injury performance services are centered on enhancing your peak performance and recovery.

Improved Athletic Performance

Whether you are just starting out with athletics or working towards an active career in sports, you can notice improvements with your body and performance. Chiropractic care has been recognized as a top way for athletes of all levels to find quick healing, relief from injuries and avoid future injuries. Those who undergo chiropractic care have found a drastic reduction in healing time from injuries. They also found that it can increase performance as it pertains to agility, speed and/or reaction time.

Improved Athletic Performance with Legacy Chiropractic in Tucker GA

Benefits from Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can help with both low and high impact sports by increasing flexibilty and performance. Adjustments can help relieve the stress and strain that is placed on the body, especially due to repetitive motions. With chiropractic care, athletes may see increased range of motion, better flexibility and other improvements so that you can achieve optimal performance.

Chiropractic for sports injury and performance in Tucker GA

Chiropractic Care Really Works

Multiple studies have shown how athletes benefit from chiropractic care. In one study of 19 elite sprint athletes, one group received spinal adjustments as indicated before performing and the other group did not. Both groups running time was measured before and after spinal adjustments were given to the group. Results indicated that sprint times increased with the group who received adjustments prior to performing.

Athletic performance is linked to spinal health. Proper spinal alignment reduces nerve interference and allows the body to function at its optimal level. The body is able to heal quicker which leads to improved athletic performance. The chiropractic adjustment results in increased blood flow to muscles and as a result there is an increase in balance, strength and other athletic abilities.

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